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Fruktkohk vor te Séjel (Fruitcake for the Soul),
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The Saga of Jorthel - in Jameld and English
ZM Archive (including all the issues of Zolid Matters and The Jameld Line)
Sevorian (formerly J2): That North Slavic conlang

Jameld is a constructed language, a language which has been designed -- in this case for personal amusement and enlightenment, and to explore the possibilities and workings of language within a familiar environment (viz. as an imaginary member of the Germanic language family, related to Dutch, Frisian and German). It is also the framework around which an embryonic fictional culture and some astonishingly lame humour have been assembled. You will find fragments of all the above elements scattered throughout this site, along with the occasional nugget of linguistic detail. There is now a bilingual Jameld dictionary available, along with a grammar and other documentation.

This site is named after the now-defunct newsletter Zolid Matters which was published between 1992 and 1997, a journal which both promoted the use of Jameld (with some small success) and provided the editor with an excuse to write jokes about llamas. You can read all of the old issues in the ZM Archive, should you feel the need.

Jameld jist an artalangui, an langui tes wä dessini -- int te kase eri, vor personlauk yanohit und birightats, und vor untersoken was jist maklauk und wau langui funkton int an familiari böyayibin (wj. és an wénsemi lith ew te Germanits languifamil, biwandi met Nederaz, Frists und Déttsaz). T'artalangui jist jund an ram vor an embrionits fiktivi kultür und ans rëzlaami humör tes wä bui böya iet. Ëstparskes ew ig^é te teses bineskrën ob ist strevi böya int te wabplaz, sem met ans pau kirnes ew languiits spezialnas. Et wés jüji an tïlanguikli Jameld wäutbuhlen eri, und jund an gramatik und zo.

Te wabplaz eri jist nimeni pasts te vorvori nüawesbled Zolid Matters, tes wä binüvretani tisk 1992 und 1997; et wä an tsüdaeskrïrin tes béda bivorandha t'ütigh ew Jameld (int wist et yilukta ansi) und yeb te jolsnetat an destsildats vor eskrïren laameprates. Ye zicht resen ig^é t'eldi otyïves inte 'ZM Archive', eöx ye werkilauk will.

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