Cirrus Associates: Specialist publishers of books on historical aviation subjects, and organisers of G-VFWE (The Great Vintage Flying Weekend). (Also providers of Musical Entertainment)


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News last updated: 28th January 2007

G-VFWE 2007:
Hullavington, 18-20 May

Please visit

G-VFWE 2007, now believed to be Europe's largest flying event for vintage & classic aircraft, will be held at Hullavington Airfield over 18th-20th May 2007. For details, please visit the new website at

The book publishing business of Cirrus Associates has now finally closed, due to Peter Campbell's retirement, and all remaining stocks have been acquired by Midland Counties Publications Ltd. (01455 233747), who will supply all customers by mail order.

The musical entertainment part of the Cirrus organisation has also ceased to trade.

Peter Campbell (Founder G-VFWE)

POSTAL ADDRESS: Cirrus Associates, Little Hintock, Kington Magna,
Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5EW UK.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: email Peter

TEL/FAX: +44 (0)1747 838165